Why are cupcakes soooo awesome?


Hey Cupcake-Cutie

Cupcakes are pretty amazing aren't they? I guess it’s because Cupcakes are cupcakes, they are little masses of sugar-filled yumminess! I mean almost EVERYONE loves cupcakes....what’s not to like? I guess cupcakes are just awesome....there really isn’t a reason why! I mean, they’re pretty tasty to our taste buds and I guess its the sweetness of it all that just grabs our attention. I should stop rambling now ;) Let’s stop questioning cupcakes, instead, just enjoy them and all their goodness! 
                                                      Bye for now!

I know the teachers try to say that there aren't any but to any student, it's obvious:There are groups to fit in. It's not like I'm not in any, the problem is quote the opposite. I'm in too many. I don't fit neatly into any group and there's not just one set of freinds I hang out with. Sometimes they don't quite agree and I'm left to choose. Or sometimes I have to ditch one to meet up with the other. It get annoying but I don't want to give up either one. I don't know what to do?

Hi inbetween!

To start off, i want to say that is is a GOOD thing that you don’t fit “neatly” into one specific “group” . Being spread out and having different kinds of friends can give you a taste of everything, and may even help you out later in life. You'll be able to find what atmosphere you feel comfortable in, and what kinds of people you enjoy being with.
      Here are just some tips you may want to take into consideration:

1- On the ditching problem, just keep whichever plans you made first.
2- You may also choose to hang out with the person you feel more comfortable around, or someone you want to get to know better.
3- You don't have to feel like you HAVE to go to every single hang out one of your friends may plan.
4- If you want a simple excuse, just say your busy!
5- If you really just can't say no to one friend, try gathering all your friends into one big mosh pit, and let everyone get to know each other. this can help dissolve the distance between the different "groups" (keep in mind, this has a possibility to backfire)
6- Don't forget, It's normal to feel a little out of place especially in your middle school years.

Middle school is just the beginning of the rest of your life. This is a time to make friends, and figure out who you are. Don't fret, things will eventually fall right into place!
                           Best of Luck,
                                Amy <3

Who are you?

Who are you? My name is Inigo Montoya. LOL JK. To some, I'm actually a pineapple from outerspace, I went to an intergalatic school called pigfarts, it's on MARS! To others, I am a mere ascendant from the Princess Cantaloupe Cadence and Luna Lemon. I have not yet earned my royal fragrance as a fruity princess fruit, but I'm still part of the Royal Rumba Family. I'm known to use a blue telephone box, I also wear scarves and drag around a man called Watson as my assistant.  I have a rival named Berry and I want to be the very best like no one ever was inside the fruitbowl. ( But seriously, If you want to learn about us, please check our ‘about’ section online)

                                                           Over and Out,

    Dear Amy, Why Do people bully me for drawing anime and pokemon and stuff? 
                                                                                                     With Grace, Mira

    To Mira-kun, 
        It’s natural for others to pick on you for your interests and hobbies, especially at this stage of our lives. The key to "fixing" your problem is to try not to take their words to heart, and avoid reacting to your tormentor's antics. Remember, don't feed the trolls. They feed on your reactions whatever they may be. Or...you can smother your bully with your fandom until they give in, and become fans themselves. KIDDING! Don't do the that XD. 

       Middle school is a tough place for many people, people who have gone through, or are going through similar experiences, so you aren't alone. Someday, you'll learn to be fond of who you are and learn to accept your traits. Yes, this sounds utterly cliche but this is the truth. Eventually or hopefully now, you'll have friends with similar interests, or just friends you enjoy being with. There's no need to fret over these snide comments. So just go on out there and live your life to its fullest. 

Got to catch them all!

Dear Amy,
            My friends keep joking around, constantly laugh, and use the number 42. I’m so confused!! Everytime I ask if they repeat that number on purpose, they just giggle, and say it some more. I feel left out, and very confuzzled. I mean, it could be an inside joke, but sometimes random people, that I know haven’t met my friends, laugh along too when they hear that specific number. Whats with all the 42’s?!?
                                                      With all my confusion,

   Hiya 42!
      DON'T PANIC. The solution to your problem is quite simple, just read “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy” By Adam Douglas. Or you could just watch the film, but, the book is always better!! :)
                                        Over and Out, Amy

Who is the quarterback for the seattle seahawks?

Hey rainbowdash!
    I am not exactly a football person, however based upon my research the current QB of the Seattle Seahawks is Russell Wilson. If I am wrong, feel free to correct me in the comments section!
                                                            You are now 20% cooler ;) Ciao!

Dear Amy,
            so what do i do when you have a crush and hes really hot but you dont know if he likes you?


                 Hi there, whyyoucray!

        Hmm, we’re getting to that stage in our lives huh? Crushes can be a big problem and may overwhelm you but only if you make it so. A great tip that I have always liked is to just become closer to your crush and try to squash those irritating insecurities (better said than done). Remember, the key is communication! Communication may not be you one step problem solver, however it is one step closer to reaching out and even possibly catch the eye of your love interest.

       First, make sure you crush knows you exist. You may love the thrill of harboring a secretive crush, but it will go nowhere if you person of interest doesn’t know you at all! The easiest solution is to just talk to them! A few chats here and there won’t be creepy, but it will definitely ensure that your crush in some way, acknowledges you. It’s hard to fall in love with someone you didn’t even know existed...
      A good tip to a good conversation is to direct the chat to the other talker, nobody wants to hear you go on and on about yourself. Something to keep in mind is to always be truthful, if you don’t, those “white” lies have the potential to turn around and nip you back.

        Ahhhhh, the question of knowing if he likes you.... Of course this is the question that is the hardest to answer. Simply because every situation is different. So, I would recommend to just go with your gut. Surprisingly, MY gut has helped me get some decent grades on those pesky multiple choice questions. ;)

       Crushes may be difficult and puzzling to figure out, but that is the norm. As troubling as it sounds, not everything will go the way you would like, but there are ways to repair any mistakes you may make. Just remember that honestly, (I’m trying not to be negative) but, your time in middle school will hardly affect anything in the coming years.
I’ll leave you with this, would you rather take your chance now, or toil endlessly over a single person, constantly full of “What If’s?”

                                                         Best Wishes,
                                                                               Amy <3