Dear Amy,
            so what do i do when you have a crush and hes really hot but you dont know if he likes you?


                 Hi there, whyyoucray!

        Hmm, we’re getting to that stage in our lives huh? Crushes can be a big problem and may overwhelm you but only if you make it so. A great tip that I have always liked is to just become closer to your crush and try to squash those irritating insecurities (better said than done). Remember, the key is communication! Communication may not be you one step problem solver, however it is one step closer to reaching out and even possibly catch the eye of your love interest.

       First, make sure you crush knows you exist. You may love the thrill of harboring a secretive crush, but it will go nowhere if you person of interest doesn’t know you at all! The easiest solution is to just talk to them! A few chats here and there won’t be creepy, but it will definitely ensure that your crush in some way, acknowledges you. It’s hard to fall in love with someone you didn’t even know existed...
      A good tip to a good conversation is to direct the chat to the other talker, nobody wants to hear you go on and on about yourself. Something to keep in mind is to always be truthful, if you don’t, those “white” lies have the potential to turn around and nip you back.

        Ahhhhh, the question of knowing if he likes you.... Of course this is the question that is the hardest to answer. Simply because every situation is different. So, I would recommend to just go with your gut. Surprisingly, MY gut has helped me get some decent grades on those pesky multiple choice questions. ;)

       Crushes may be difficult and puzzling to figure out, but that is the norm. As troubling as it sounds, not everything will go the way you would like, but there are ways to repair any mistakes you may make. Just remember that honestly, (I’m trying not to be negative) but, your time in middle school will hardly affect anything in the coming years.
I’ll leave you with this, would you rather take your chance now, or toil endlessly over a single person, constantly full of “What If’s?”

                                                         Best Wishes,
                                                                               Amy <3

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