Dear Amy, 
Everyone has a facebook and I am like the only kid who dosnt have one. Everyone talks about it and I dont know what to say. What do I do. Everyone talks about it and Im so alone. HELP!! 
from, FaceBookless :-(

    Hi FaceBookless:-( ! 

       I know how hard and excluded you feel about not getting one of those     oh-so-popular social media accounts to be able to interact with your friends. I've experienced these feeling and predicaments once myself! But getting along with your friends in the real life is just as fun as virtually! Heck it’s even better!! Just getting to be able to engage in conversation with your friends actively in reality can be tough but you’ll be able to hear them laugh freely without being restricted by technology. So you aren't missing out on anything to be honest. 
       But if you are insistent on getting an account, confront your parents about making one, in a civilized and dignified manner explaining and persuading them all the reasons why YOU think you should get one, maturely. Try making a power point or a list on why you believe you need to get a Facebook account, remember to be responsible and act in a way that shows your parents that you know what you're doing. That’s all I can really say. 

Best Wishes

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