Dear Amy, I have asked so many questions but I have never gotten a response.Whats going on? PLEASE HURRY I AM IMPATIENT! 
Dear amy. i asked a qustion and you didn't awnser it. WHY????!!!!!!!??????

Hey Pressured and Mathmetion!

      Honestly, i feel like I'm the one being pressured! I understand that everyone wants to have their questions answered as soon as possible. But I would like to say that I have received NUMEROUS questions. I am doing my best to answer them quickly, but sometimes it can't be done. I only have so much time, and not all of the questions i answered get to the newspaper right away or else the other sections might get overrun by my portion. I understand your anxiety and impatience  but please (and this goes to everyone waiting) wait a tad bit longer and know that we are doing our best to answer every single question.  

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