Dear Amy, Now that Spring break is over (:-() I have lots of trouble sleeping at night. Im afraid I forgot something or that the boogie man is going to get me. Also I always get scared to go into my hallway because I always think slenderman is going to hurt me. I dont know what to do. Please help me! I really need it and I have never been answered before. 

Hello Unknown???!

            Hey unknown, you have nothing to worry about. Did you know that Slenderman was created on an internet thread a couple years back? He’s not real; he’s a figment of the internet’s imagination. you have nothing to worry about. The boogie man is nothing to be afraid of either, he rarely comes out, and when he does, he just wants to boogie all night. So he won’t be going to “get anyone” he’s too busy DANCING! Forgetting things are no problem. I forget things all the time. Humans make mistakes, so if you’re human, don’t fret, if you aren’t human…then…..well….RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! Anyways, leave little reminders for yourself if you're forgetful. Leave little post its for yourself everywhere. Don’t worry so much, things happen, and people understand that
Over and Out!

i really like this guy and i think he is getting suspicious about it. he ask many questions about me but o dont know how 2 tell him i like him.

Hey confused,
I already answered a few questions related to this topic, so you might want to check those out too, you can find them on the Newspaper's Website. However, I will still give you a few words of advice here. When you feel confident enough, just tell him! You might want to tell the guy in a more secluded place. There are actually a few different ways of going about this.

-Tell him straight out, face to face

-Tell him over a note, it might be easier to write your feeling out on paper, and a little easier for you, since you don’t have to have direct contact

-Ask your friend to tell him for you, this is a possibility, but it is not the best choice. He may think it’s a joke, or just be too embarrassed to say anything to your friend. Plus it’s a little less personal.

-tell him over text, this is also not the best, but it could work. It’s a little less personal and may seem a little suspicious, but it could end pretty well.

All in all, JUST TELL HIM! Life is short,, make the best of it, don’t do anything crazy or stupid, but just lay it out straight. You never know what’s going to happen, and it won't kill you to tell him you like him. If he like you back, Amazing! Go have fun. If he doesn't return your feeling, don’t be glum, at least you tried, and you know that you don’t need to pursue him any longer. Go find a new love or just kiss that gorgeous poster of Josh Hutcherson you have in your room

Lots of LOVE


Dear Amy, I am wondering about a few things I have heard a lot of talk of mice/rats in the school and I am very willing to report the school and I reallpy want to get rid of them and I personally DO not want to see another dead rat/mice again in school. 
            from, G.Washington

Dear G. Washington,
Well, to start, the mice and rats are NOT the directly the school’s fault. Not to point fingers at anyone, but the mice are attracted to the lunches and other tasty morsels left in students’ lockers. So don’t go and automatically blame the school. However, the mice problem is no longer an issue here at our school. The custodians did a marvelous and superior job of making sure this will not occur again. However, you are perfectly justified to voicing your opinion. But do not fret! The mice are gone, thanks to Batman… and the custodians. But mostly Batman.


 Dear Amy, 
Everyone has a facebook and I am like the only kid who dosnt have one. Everyone talks about it and I dont know what to say. What do I do. Everyone talks about it and Im so alone. HELP!! 
from, FaceBookless :-(

    Hi FaceBookless:-( ! 

       I know how hard and excluded you feel about not getting one of those     oh-so-popular social media accounts to be able to interact with your friends. I've experienced these feeling and predicaments once myself! But getting along with your friends in the real life is just as fun as virtually! Heck it’s even better!! Just getting to be able to engage in conversation with your friends actively in reality can be tough but you’ll be able to hear them laugh freely without being restricted by technology. So you aren't missing out on anything to be honest. 
       But if you are insistent on getting an account, confront your parents about making one, in a civilized and dignified manner explaining and persuading them all the reasons why YOU think you should get one, maturely. Try making a power point or a list on why you believe you need to get a Facebook account, remember to be responsible and act in a way that shows your parents that you know what you're doing. That’s all I can really say. 

Best Wishes

Dear Amy, I have asked so many questions but I have never gotten a response.Whats going on? PLEASE HURRY I AM IMPATIENT! 
Dear amy. i asked a qustion and you didn't awnser it. WHY????!!!!!!!??????

Hey Pressured and Mathmetion!

      Honestly, i feel like I'm the one being pressured! I understand that everyone wants to have their questions answered as soon as possible. But I would like to say that I have received NUMEROUS questions. I am doing my best to answer them quickly, but sometimes it can't be done. I only have so much time, and not all of the questions i answered get to the newspaper right away or else the other sections might get overrun by my portion. I understand your anxiety and impatience  but please (and this goes to everyone waiting) wait a tad bit longer and know that we are doing our best to answer every single question.  

hayy.. lately i've been being really...bullied. i feel like an outcast and i feel so lonely. my friends all turned from me and i don't know what to do!!! i tried talking to my older sister but shes no help whatsoever! i tried relaxing and taking my mind off of everything, but nothing seems to be helping! and to make things even worse, i got super bad grades on my report card!! please pleaseplease help meeeee!!! :(

Hey Foreveralone:(

       I know it seems like fate has something against you and that nothing seems to ever go right. But it will, I promise. I know it seems like I say this a lot, but I know how you feel. In my own group of buddies, I feel a little lost. It seems as if everyone has paired up with a partner without me, and it doesn't help that we’re and odd number of people.

      Relaxing and attempting to take your mind of things was a good step to try, however like you discovered, it doesn't work for everyone. You can instead try to focus on the more positive things that happen to you, it may seem hard at first, and you may think nothing good EVER happens to you. But once you know where to look, you’ll find positive happenings everywhere. Another choice you have is to focus on what may trigger negative emotions against you. I know everyone says, “BE YOURSELF!! THEN YOU’LL FIND PEOPLE WHO LIKE YOU FOR WHO YOU TRULY ARE!!!!!” This is partly true, but honestly, no one would want to be your friend if your this person who always whines and talk about yourself. I’m not saying you do that, but it is possible that you may be subconsciously doing something that drives everyone off. Just do some personal reflection from time to time, but keep in mind, that although this may be a possibility, you are not to be completely blamed for your hardships. 
     Middle School can be a dark place for many people, but worry not, because we middle schoolers can nasty immature nuisances, I’ll admit it. Keep a stiff upper lip, and don’t take everything to heart. As for your bad grades, don’t stress too much. Yes, it is smart to keep your grades up, but a few bad grades here or there won’t prevent you from going places. In fact, in the long run, many people don’t care about middle school grades,but that DOES NOT mean you are allowed to purposely fail in any way.

Best of Luck

there is this teacher and i want to be friends with them but it seems so hard


Heyo lololololololhihihi!
    I would have to agree, it is hard to become friends with a teacher. No, it is not because they are mean and nasty people who want to fail/annihilate you. In fact, they are the exact opposite! The main reason you can be BFFS with your teacher is because it really isn’t possible. It’s not really allowed for students and teachers to have a relationship beyond the classroom. Yes, you can be on friendly terms with your teacher, but don’t plan on being BFFLS with your teacher anytime soon. However, I guess if you really want to be friends with your teacher, you’ll have to wait until you aren’t a student under them or the go to school at facility they teach at. Generally, a student- teacher relationship can only extend to a certain point.

Where do babies come from? Where is the "about" section online?


Dear Mathmetition.
If you would like to know more about the wonderful miracle of life, just ask your health teacher or parents. The about section is located on the right hand side of the Ask Amy blog.
Over and Out!

so like this guy. he is... nice. i want to tell him how i feel but i dont know how he will react


Hiya  hi0342876981647hello!

    Don’t worry, I know exactly how you feel. I have been in many similar situations like this, and my only piece of advice I can give you is to go for it! From what I know, guys tend to like more confident girls, and telling someone you like them is definitely no cakewalk. I don’t know if you want to just tell him, or end up in a relationship, but I PROMISE, afterwards you will feel so much better. If he likes you back, great! But if he doesn’t you may feel a little depressed, but it will soon pass. Be glad that you told him now, instead of fawning over him for months and months wondering and wondering if he likes you back. It’s middle school, have fun with your life, take risks!
Lots of Luck!

 Lately, I've been having emotional troubles. I feel super happy, then I'm just super sad. What is wrong with me? I can't control my feelings and nobody wants to hang out with me because of my moods! Help!!!


All I can say is puberty. Puberty may cause these mood swings in some people. And it can be very difficult to control these emotions. Try talking with someone who won’t shut you out because of your mood swings, such as, a parent, or guidance counselor. By doing this, you get all of your feelings and emotions out. Other than that, there is not much else you can do! Don’t fret too much, every teen will go, has gone, or is going through the same thing.

Bye Bye!