Dear Amy, Now that Spring break is over (:-() I have lots of trouble sleeping at night. Im afraid I forgot something or that the boogie man is going to get me. Also I always get scared to go into my hallway because I always think slenderman is going to hurt me. I dont know what to do. Please help me! I really need it and I have never been answered before. 

Hello Unknown???!

            Hey unknown, you have nothing to worry about. Did you know that Slenderman was created on an internet thread a couple years back? He’s not real; he’s a figment of the internet’s imagination. you have nothing to worry about. The boogie man is nothing to be afraid of either, he rarely comes out, and when he does, he just wants to boogie all night. So he won’t be going to “get anyone” he’s too busy DANCING! Forgetting things are no problem. I forget things all the time. Humans make mistakes, so if you’re human, don’t fret, if you aren’t human…then…..well….RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! Anyways, leave little reminders for yourself if you're forgetful. Leave little post its for yourself everywhere. Don’t worry so much, things happen, and people understand that
Over and Out!

5/29/2013 10:20:18 pm

I agree with amy its ok unknown there is no monsters like slender man???.


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