Dear Amy, I am wondering about a few things I have heard a lot of talk of mice/rats in the school and I am very willing to report the school and I reallpy want to get rid of them and I personally DO not want to see another dead rat/mice again in school. 
            from, G.Washington

Dear G. Washington,
Well, to start, the mice and rats are NOT the directly the school’s fault. Not to point fingers at anyone, but the mice are attracted to the lunches and other tasty morsels left in students’ lockers. So don’t go and automatically blame the school. However, the mice problem is no longer an issue here at our school. The custodians did a marvelous and superior job of making sure this will not occur again. However, you are perfectly justified to voicing your opinion. But do not fret! The mice are gone, thanks to Batman… and the custodians. But mostly Batman.


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