hayy.. lately i've been being really...bullied. i feel like an outcast and i feel so lonely. my friends all turned from me and i don't know what to do!!! i tried talking to my older sister but shes no help whatsoever! i tried relaxing and taking my mind off of everything, but nothing seems to be helping! and to make things even worse, i got super bad grades on my report card!! please pleaseplease help meeeee!!! :(

Hey Foreveralone:(

       I know it seems like fate has something against you and that nothing seems to ever go right. But it will, I promise. I know it seems like I say this a lot, but I know how you feel. In my own group of buddies, I feel a little lost. It seems as if everyone has paired up with a partner without me, and it doesn't help that we’re and odd number of people.

      Relaxing and attempting to take your mind of things was a good step to try, however like you discovered, it doesn't work for everyone. You can instead try to focus on the more positive things that happen to you, it may seem hard at first, and you may think nothing good EVER happens to you. But once you know where to look, you’ll find positive happenings everywhere. Another choice you have is to focus on what may trigger negative emotions against you. I know everyone says, “BE YOURSELF!! THEN YOU’LL FIND PEOPLE WHO LIKE YOU FOR WHO YOU TRULY ARE!!!!!” This is partly true, but honestly, no one would want to be your friend if your this person who always whines and talk about yourself. I’m not saying you do that, but it is possible that you may be subconsciously doing something that drives everyone off. Just do some personal reflection from time to time, but keep in mind, that although this may be a possibility, you are not to be completely blamed for your hardships. 
     Middle School can be a dark place for many people, but worry not, because we middle schoolers can nasty immature nuisances, I’ll admit it. Keep a stiff upper lip, and don’t take everything to heart. As for your bad grades, don’t stress too much. Yes, it is smart to keep your grades up, but a few bad grades here or there won’t prevent you from going places. In fact, in the long run, many people don’t care about middle school grades,but that DOES NOT mean you are allowed to purposely fail in any way.

Best of Luck

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