there is this teacher and i want to be friends with them but it seems so hard


Heyo lololololololhihihi!
    I would have to agree, it is hard to become friends with a teacher. No, it is not because they are mean and nasty people who want to fail/annihilate you. In fact, they are the exact opposite! The main reason you can be BFFS with your teacher is because it really isn’t possible. It’s not really allowed for students and teachers to have a relationship beyond the classroom. Yes, you can be on friendly terms with your teacher, but don’t plan on being BFFLS with your teacher anytime soon. However, I guess if you really want to be friends with your teacher, you’ll have to wait until you aren’t a student under them or the go to school at facility they teach at. Generally, a student- teacher relationship can only extend to a certain point.

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