So, I’ve kind of been having lots of trouble returning library books recently. I am a very avid reader, and take out like 10,000 books at once, and for some reason I can’t return them on time. It’s not that I don’t finish them before they are due, but I can’t really find a way to bring them to the library on time. Do you think the librarians hate me? Will I ever have to pay a fine? What shall I ever do?!  

Hullo! tHeBoOKwOrM7789,
            I know exactly how you feel! I have always had trouble with returning books myself, being the forgetful person i am. There are two different kinds of libraries i'm guessing, are currently available to you, and that is our very own school library,the Wayne Public Library,and/or any other public library.
            Our library at AWMS is a lot more lenient than the Public library. If you have an overdue book, it’s no big deal, and there are no fines issued. However, after a certain amount of days overdue, the book will be marked as lost, and then you will have to pay for the book. Our library has a book drop inside the main entrance of the school! so as you’re just passing by, you can just slip it in there, you have just returned your book efficiently, and effortlessly! The library also opens in the morning before the school doors open, if you’re here a little early, instead of just standing around in the cold, stop by the library and just drop off your book!
         The Public Library however, charges you a fine for everyday your book is due. Its is also a bit more difficult to return books there, since you have to find a way to get to the Public library, whereas if you’re at the school, you aren't that far from our library. The Public library also has a book drop outside it’s door, however, the book drop is only open when the library is not.
         To remind yourself to return your books, all it really takes is Post-Its and a bold writing utensil. All you need to do is write on the Post-Its things like, “RETURN YOUR BOOK!!”, “DON’T FORGET THE BOOK!!”. It can even be something short like, “LIBRARY!!”, or “LIBRARY BOOKS!”, its just something to jog your memory. Don't forget to write the date they’re due!! I would recommend putting these in places you pass by often, like in your agenda, on your door, in or on the fridge etc. Another fun tip is to try to remember the due date as 1 or 2 days earlier. That way, when you freak out and rush over to return your “overdue” book, you realize that its actually not!! I hope these quick tips helps you somewhat, and anyone else that might find similar troubles as yours.

2/3/2013 05:36:21 am

I agree that the AWMS library is more lenient, but I wouldn't go as far as to say if a book is late, it doesn't matter. You could be inconveniencing someone who wants the book you are holding for too long. Also, you are wasting the school's paper giving you late notices. The biggest one being, when you return a book late, Mrs. Greer might give you "The Stare".


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