I HAVE A QUESTION!! I seriously do not understand why people have to scream, "SHHHHHHHHH!" So loud when the teacher tells us to quiet down. They're just like, "SHHHHHH! Guys she is trying to teach." And I'm just sitting there like, "You're the one causing the problem." I don't understand why they are telling everyone to be quiet when ther are the one making all the noise by going, "SHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Please expalin things to me... Thanks XP 
                SHHHHHHH! >:(

Hallo (That’s German for Hello XD )  SHHHHHHH! >:(!

Yes, we all agree we’ve felt this at one point. Yes, it does wrack on our brains for it to be considered annoying and aggravating. But people are oblivious to this, but they truly believe that this might be helping the teacher. It’s only accustomed for us to do this since it has been hardwired into us since kindergarten that the universal for ‘Shhhh’ to be directed as ‘Be quiet you nuisances!’ for whatever reason it may apply to. This gesture has been carried out for many generations, including ours today. But the only best way to point this out to your peers is just by quietly exclaiming that it is disruptive as well and consider using an alternative.

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