My friend carlos doesn't like me because I said something. How can I be his friend again? From, Kawrlosh

Hello Kawrlosh!! I heard you’ve been having some troubles with your friends and I’m here to help! First of all, try not to avoid the problem. Avoiding the problem for too long will make sure that there is no resolution to your quarrel. There won’t be any resolving if you cannot even make direct interaction with him!  You got to be able to confront him. Although, keep in mind, you may want to space yourselves out a bit in the beginning to let yourself cool and calm down,  just so it’s easier to reevaluate and think. You could be adding wood to the fire by opening the “wound” too soon! Once you and your friend have cooled, try confronting your friend non-forcefully and be gentle when you’re communicating with him. Tone is the key factor! Make you sound calm and collected. If you were him, you wouldn’t want someone spitting out an apology with an inconsiderate tone. Being sincere about the problem is something that you should consider. So take some time and plan out what you are going to say to your friend as a reconciliation note. You have to be willing to admit fault and be able to compromise if you want to salvage your friendship. Try not to lose your temper and make it personal and private if you can! Otherwise, good luck!


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