I can't come up with good code names. Can you please help? Thanks!

No Name

        Hullo No Name!

You don’t really need good codenames. Anything is fine! If you want, just do something related to the question, like “Dear Amy, my pet rock is constantly trying to run away. Help!” Then maybe you could make your codename “Rockless” or something similar. Just connect it to your question! Another thing you could try is use your username to express who you are. for example if you love puppies, maybe your code name would be "puppylover42". Or, you if you still can’t think of anything, just do something random like “1234sdffd/:)/”. Honestly, we don't mind. Codenames are just there to help askers stay anonymous, you don’t even need a code name if you feel comfortable enough! I hope I helped!   


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