Hi Amy!!
            I’m a part of the Ski Club, and it’s lots of FUN. It starts right after school, and we come home really late. People are always talking about homework, and how there are worried about not finishing it in time. Now I’m worried!! I was wondering, do you have any tips, or bits of advice that you can shower me with, to help me keep my teachers happy, and grades up, while still getting my awesome sleep.

Greetings, MORE-SLEEP-PLZ!
            You’re definitely in a pickle! Many of my friends are also in the ski club, and it can get tough trying to balance school work with after school activities. The bus ride to Mountain Creek is quite a long ride, to and fro. You can catch your ZZZ’s there on the bus, and work on homework at home. Or, preferably, try getting some homework done on the super long bus ride.
            Your teachers most likely understand that you get home very late. Try asking ahead of time if you can get an extension of the due date, but DO NOT use it as an excuse the day it’s due. You can also try asking your teacher for homework sheets early so you can get a head start, and have them complete by the due date.
            Another easy solution to completing long-term projects and assignments, is to begin/finish them early and not procrastinate. You will get them done quicker, and won’t have to worry about stressing over not finishing what was due.
We hope this helps you, and anyone else in the Ski Club, out!

1/27/2013 09:33:24 pm

Dear Amy,
I have not been up to date on my projects and my school work and I don't think I am going to do well on my Report Card. I really hope you have some advice for me. I am going to really need it. What should I do?


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