there is this teacher and i want to be friends with them but it seems so hard


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    I would have to agree, it is hard to become friends with a teacher. No, it is not because they are mean and nasty people who want to fail/annihilate you. In fact, they are the exact opposite! The main reason you can be BFFS with your teacher is because it really isn’t possible. It’s not really allowed for students and teachers to have a relationship beyond the classroom. Yes, you can be on friendly terms with your teacher, but don’t plan on being BFFLS with your teacher anytime soon. However, I guess if you really want to be friends with your teacher, you’ll have to wait until you aren’t a student under them or the go to school at facility they teach at. Generally, a student- teacher relationship can only extend to a certain point.

Where do babies come from? Where is the "about" section online?


Dear Mathmetition.
If you would like to know more about the wonderful miracle of life, just ask your health teacher or parents. The about section is located on the right hand side of the Ask Amy blog.
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so like this guy. he is... nice. i want to tell him how i feel but i dont know how he will react


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    Don’t worry, I know exactly how you feel. I have been in many similar situations like this, and my only piece of advice I can give you is to go for it! From what I know, guys tend to like more confident girls, and telling someone you like them is definitely no cakewalk. I don’t know if you want to just tell him, or end up in a relationship, but I PROMISE, afterwards you will feel so much better. If he likes you back, great! But if he doesn’t you may feel a little depressed, but it will soon pass. Be glad that you told him now, instead of fawning over him for months and months wondering and wondering if he likes you back. It’s middle school, have fun with your life, take risks!
Lots of Luck!

 Lately, I've been having emotional troubles. I feel super happy, then I'm just super sad. What is wrong with me? I can't control my feelings and nobody wants to hang out with me because of my moods! Help!!!


All I can say is puberty. Puberty may cause these mood swings in some people. And it can be very difficult to control these emotions. Try talking with someone who won’t shut you out because of your mood swings, such as, a parent, or guidance counselor. By doing this, you get all of your feelings and emotions out. Other than that, there is not much else you can do! Don’t fret too much, every teen will go, has gone, or is going through the same thing.

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Do you know any pet center that would take a guinea pig for 1 week to look after?
        pet owner

Sup, pet owner!
Um, honestly, I wouldn’t be too sure if pet centers are allowed to babysit your pets. However, maybe a trusted friend or relative can look after your pet. Though be sure that the babysitter and his/her environment meet the requirements to maintain your pet’s health or else there’ll be fatal consequences!


I am already doing very good in school, but I always want to do better, and this is always making me nervous and stressful. How can I fix this?

Hello Nervous!

I know school can get VERY stressful at times. It’s not uncommon. But, the one thing you always want to keep in mind is that is only school. I know school is important and all, I understand that. But, you never want to overwork yourself. You should not be getting overly stressed at such a young age.

I guess I can relate to how you fell, also. You always want to achieve good grades and do your best. But doing that comes with the cost of stress. However, you can deplete stress easily. Come up with ways to organize homework time, studying time, and free time. You want to create balance between the three. Try working for thirty minutes, then taking a five minute break. By working for long periods of time without a break can lead to more stress. Just be very attentive
and you’ll succeed! If you’re having any other troubles dealing with stress, feel free to talk to your parents, teachers, or guidance counselors. I’m sure they’ll be happy to help!

See ya later!